TRUMP TRADE: China Offers to Purchase $30 BILLION MORE in U.S. Agricultural Products | Sean Hannity

The Chinese government unveiled a new proposal Thursday that would result in purchasing an additional $30 billion in agricultural products from the United States; including soybean, corn, and other crops.

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It’s too bad Trump doesn’t have this same level of success when it comes to HB1 workers, allowing businesses import IT workers who in turn steal our technology, jobs, and income. Shame on Trump for allowing Jared to take over this sensitive arena. Shame on Trump for not protecting Americans first and instead, bowing to business owners. Shame on Trump.

Abby, in the big picture, the content of your simple message about Trump is nothing but a micro-indentation on something having an indefinable meaning. It’s too bad you’re not an enthusiastic goal achiever. A map showing by contours the thickness of your head when compared to a massive porous rock would reveal that, concerning Trump, your credible measurement methods by which you discuss his weaknesses are likely backed by a shallow depth of understanding.