Trump To Visit Pittsburgh After Synagogue Shooting Despite City Leaders'

I’m amused how you’re separating “liberals” and “Jews in Pittsburgh” into two separate categories.

To be fair, they told us that point blank…when they are in control, THEN they’ll be civil.


No. I’m under the impression that a Jew hating antisemite would not have such an award.

This does not even make any sense. Why must people be reminded that Trump has Jewish members of his immediate family?

You have a psychopath…nothing more. Nothing less…that killed these poor people. Let everyone heal and knock off the vitriol.


Oh yeah, this could determine not just his future relationship with American Jews but his future relationship with Israel as well.

His relationship with Israel is pretty well established. The misinformation about Trump that progs are trying to disseminate will not stand up against the facts.

So, how does this psychopath differ from the psychopath who sent bombs in the mail vs the psychopath who sent ricin in the mail or the psychopath who shot the congressmen last year? You clearly want healing and knocking off vitriol but there’s a lot of mud slinging and finger-pointing still going on.

Not that I’d actually expect you to understand anything about Jewish people besides what you Google, but if he comes here today and says something offensive or stupid or both as he does pretty much all the time, are you under the impression the Israelis will side with Trump over the victims of the biggest anti-Semitic massacre in American history?

No, he shot those people because they were Jews and specifically because they were Jews supposedly supporting that caravan y’all been hoping will help you in the midterms.

Trump is an antisemitic, his daughter and son in law are token Jews meant to obscure this fact.

…or something alone these lines.

This is basically the same argument you guys used with Milo right? Until the video leaked of him doing karaoke with Richard Spencer and his buddies while they gave him the heil Hitler salute?

I’m under the impression that there are Israelis on the left and Israelies on the right and Israelies in the middle and that they will all have different opinions. You must see them as one unthinking block of sameness. I dont.


Yep, all us guys are like that.

I mentioned this briefly in the other thread, but an acquaintance who served with me in Peace Corps and lives in Pittsburgh reported herself “Safe” on Facebook at that location on the day of the shooting. Got a popup when I logged onto Facebook. I don’t know more than that and didn’t want to be nosy. But judging by her subsequent posts and replies about lost friends and “staying strong,” there obviously seems to be such an immense amount of hurt among so many.

And into all of that, a president like Trump wants make a to visit.

I am sure President Trump will wax eloquent about who the real victim in this and the other instances of domestic terrorism from Trump supporters last week. President Trump.

I mean, that he couldn’t be racist because he had a black boyfriend?

It’s just a terrible argument. Girls with racist parents marry black dudes all the time, for example. It’s the “I have a black friend” argument except with Jews.

Israelis put their political differences aside when Jews are massacred. Hope your boy doesn’t have to find that out the hard way.

Yes. He was pretty explicit and specific about what he was doing–and why he was doing it.

Kellyanne’s husband strikes again:

I give that argument the same weight as I give the “he is antisemitic because…he’s Trump” argument.