TRUMP TO TEXAS: The President Announces MASSIVE RALLY for Ted Cruz

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President Trump announced his plan to host a massive campaign rally in Texas for Sen. Ted Cruz Friday; saying his liberal challenger would be a complete “disaster” on crime, gun control, and his proposed border wall.

The President unveiled his midterm stop on social media ahead of the Labor Day holiday weekend; saying “I will be doing a major rally for Senator Ted Cruz in October. I’m picking the biggest stadium in Texas we can find. As you know, Ted has my complete and total Endorsement. His opponent is a disaster for Texas - weak on Second Amendment, Crime, Borders, Military, and Vets!”

The President’s announcement comes as recent polls show Cruz and Democrat Beto O’Rourke in a statistical dead-heat heading into the 2018 midterm elections.

I wonder if Lyin’ Ted’s wife will be there?

Maybe he’s just using it as cover to have his investigators look into the Kennedy assasination.

I guess its all water under the bridge about how badly Trump treated Cruz during the primary, (shrugging shoulders) I still hold some resentment because it would have been very nice to have a Trump/Cruz ticket and in 2024 if its between Pence and Cruz in the primary I’ll pick Cruz in a heartbeat.


Where is the president who would be too busy to take time off for such things as pep rallies?

Where is the president who as a private citizen excoriated the sitting president for wasting the taxpayers time and money campaigning for other people.

Where is the candidate who campaigned on not wasting the taxpayers dime, who, as president, just waved the red budget flag saying how broke we are? Yet we can afford for this president to fly Air Force 1 all over America for him to party with his nut job base, “picking the biggest stadium in Texas” he can find. Which means the biggest bill for all the taxpayers to pay just to entertain his fan base.

What a hypocrite.

Trump has called Cruz a liar, insulted the looks of his wife, and said his father was involved in the assassination of JFK. That he’d still embrace Trump says plenty.

If ever there was a slimy politician - Cruz is it.

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It will be a sea of slime on that Texas stage. I would hate to be on the cleanup crew after that rally.

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And we taxpayers get to pick up the tab. Yay!