TRUMP TO TEXAS: The President Announces MASSIVE RALLY for Ted Cruz | Sean Hannity

President Trump announced his plan to host a massive campaign rally in Texas for Sen. Ted Cruz Friday; saying his liberal challenger would be a complete “disaster” on crime, gun control, and his proposed border wall.

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Ted Cruz is a political whore. Why in god’s world would he allow a total imbecile to stump for him after what Idiot Boy said about his wife?

The biggest stadium for the biggest Texass ■■■■■■■■.

Take him over any DNC open borders Left wing POS like Beto.

No bigger POS as Cruz. (and trump)

Personally, I wouldn’t vote for a serial killer but to each his own.

Wow, I know the seriousness of the totally contrived charges only goes one way but usually folks stop short of accusations of … oh, wait, no, they don’t. Not really.

But at least you left out flights in SR-71s.

It’s a joke.

Lighten up Francis.

■■■■■■■ joke. Trumps 15 minutes are up. Pence waiting in the wings. Game over. MaGA lost.