Trump to go after Social Media companies via Anti-Trust laws

Trump is taking aim at Social Media companies via anti Trust law based on a new EO drafted by the White House.

(Bloomberg) – The White House has drafted an executive order for President Donald Trump’s signature that would instruct federal antitrust and law enforcement agencies to open probes into the practices of Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Facebook Inc., and other social media companies.

The order is in its preliminary stages and hasn’t yet been run past other government agencies, said a White House official. Bloomberg News obtained a draft of the order.

And meanwhile kill Net Neutrality.


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Hwy Trump! It’s the economy stupid!

This is ■■■■■■■ insane.

Deficit climbing, people and businesses being hurt by trade wars because the government is picking winners but going after precieved political enemies is important to Trump and his cultists.

I agree.

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Executive Orders are now considered cool with Trump as President.

It’s not insane, Google has a monopoly in the search business and it ain’t because they are smarter.

Google does not have a monopoly in the “Search business” - they are certainly the most popular search engine, but they are not the only one.

As for how they got to be the most popular - it is most certainly because they were “smarter”. They had a better product.

Ask AltaVista, Yahoo, WebCrawler,, Hotbot, Dogpile, and all the other defunct search engines of the 90s and early 2000s.

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About ninety percent of the market is a monopoly.

Google and Facebook combined control eighty five percent of all internet advertising dollars.

Not from a legal perspective.

From a legal perspective, a monopoly exists only when the company in question used improper means to gain or maintain their marketshare.

They’re too ignorant to even begin to realize the sheer idiocy of it all.

Not even close to true, inform yourself.

In your opinion, is Monsato a monopoly?

Is that why the European Commission fined them over four billion Euros for monopolistic practices, because Google’s practices are so clean and pure?

What specific actions on the part of Google caused the fine?

I’ll give you a hint - it’s not because of their marketshare as a search engine.

I was reading BBC when I said 90 percent and mistakenly thought that was not just the UK where they do indeed have that big a share. 2018 isn’t even over yet so I’m not sure about the figures in the article you posted, but 2017 showed them over 74 percent according to this site;

They have been smacked down by the FTC for unfair trade practices and had to reach a settlement with them. All over the world they are constantly fighting government backed lawsuits for it and they also have been caught red handed with non trade practice related privacy issue such as keeping tabs on children etc. They need to be investigated in a more serious manner than they have been in the past, monopoly or not.

I don’t know but I don’t think they are evil. Many do.[quote=“Apocalypto, post:15, topic:13391, full:true”]
In your opinion, is Monsato a monopoly?

You need a reality check even if you think 70% is a “monopoly”… and as shown, Bing has been steadily increasing,