Trump to Democratic house leaders: Lets be friendly and get infastructure done (10-15-2018)

LOL. I think the reality of Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house all nice and friendly.


Huh. Sounds like he thinks he might lose the house.

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Might? Its all but gone. 3 weeks out it will take a minor miracle for the R’s to hold.

I am sure his advisors gave him the plain unvarnished truth.


I don’t count on anything till it’s done. :slight_smile:

oh ye of little faith. democrats will take over with Darth Vader (Nancy pelosi) as speaker.


Lol, I hope so!

If Democrats have proven anything lately, it’s that they’re capable of snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory. We shall see what happens in three weeks.

Trump has zero chance of being our next President. Its a done deal. Queen Hillary.


Lately? They’ve been proving that forever.

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My question is why is the Democrat party so stupid to let Nancy Pelosi be the speaker again? I know seniority is some big thing in Congress, but why not let a younger, fresher, less far from the center member take the gavel? Sigh…


I think they are incapable of screwing this one up.

They have fielded excellent candidates in almost all the swing districts.

the candidates themselves have raised a crapload of money

They are doing just about everything right this year.



Better than Paul Ryan with his desire to cut entitlements.

Pelosi did a fine job last out. got aca though. and that was a huge achievement.


Infrastructure week never ends well for Trump.

I like crows as a bird. I don’t think I want them as an entree, so I prefer to be cautious.

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Trump had a 23% chance of winning.and came though.

are you willing to bet your reputation on the Rs holding.

18% chance.

Get it while its hot.

you could make a craplaod of money betting on the r’s to hold.


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Sounds like it will be infrastructure year.

She’s effective and a nice poke in Trump’s eye. That said, I don’t have a problem with her being replaced later.

My track record is holding at 0% right now - going back to the 2012 election. I incorrectly guessed that Trump would pull Kavanaugh. Wrong again.

I don’t want to jinx the mid-terms with a guess, so I will remain optimistically hopeful with no prediction.

Ryan wont be the speaker regardless. And oh yes the ACA, the single piece of legislation that the GOP used to harp on for what 5 full years and they used to win election after election?

Difference now is they realize that the people they elected to make it go away had no interest in actually doing so, and they got played.

Heck that are a lot of people even within the party that dont like her, they just happen to not like GOP more.

bet $37,000 get back $100,000

would you be willing to part with 37K to make a sure 100K. @peek-a-boo

You must have take Stats 101 at Trump U.