TRUMP TO ACOSTA: ‘You’re a Terrible Person, CNN Should be Ashamed’ | Sean Hannity

President Trump called-out CNN’s senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta Wednesday; roasting the reporter as a “rude, terrible person” and saying “CNN should be ashamed” to employ the journalist.

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CNN used to have some very good reporters and journalists back when Bernard Shaw was there. They had some of the best reporting during the first Gulf war and they were trying very hard to compete with the other news sources as a place to get real news coverage. Something happened to them after Clinton took office. They became Bill and Hillary’s mouthpiece, so much so that we started calling them the Clinton News Network. Nothing has improved, it has only gotten worse and the arrogance of people like Acosta has gone off the charts.

What happens to those people is that they confuse “freedom of the press” with the “freedom to harass people and/or provoke animosity”. Freedom of the press is a political right which has the purpose to keep keep our democracy right, not to promote our pet candidates.

No irony in the fact that Trump is defending a good woman (Sarah Huckabee Sanders) as a CNN reporter shoves a woman away from him-- and the media won’t mention it even slightly.

Acosta did NOT shove her. He did nothing of the kind. Have you watched the video, or did you just believe the Administration’s false account, without confirming for yourself? They lie to you multiple times every day, more than acosta and CNN do in a year.

You’ve been decived by Trump’s absurd, mostly unwarranted attacks on mainstream media. Do you believe CNN is more of a “mouthpiece” for the Clintons than Fox is for Trump? I wonder if you or anyone here is capable of answering that honestly.

No, he did not shove her but his arm did come down on hers as she was trying to do her job to take the mic away from him. For him and CNN to say that he did not touch her is also incorrect. He is rude and frankly I do not watch CNN or FOX because I’m sick of all of all of them. He was disrespectful to her and he had his press pass revoked… good riddance.

Sir I would ask you this…would you object if Ms. Sanders had been your wife or partner? Your HONEST answer will be very telling.

This was long over due pulling Acostic’s credituals!!!

I’ll give Trump credit: He’s an expert when it comes to terrible people.

Discourse is an interchange of ideas, a conversation, formal and orderly expression of thought. The capacity of orderly thought or procedure: RATIONALITY.

Jim Acosta annoys, browbeats, blusters, creates an unpleasant or hostile situation, is cruel, insulting and threatening, i.e., a bully. He displays uninvited or unwelcome verbal or physical conduct.

I still vividly remember Acosta reporting from a recent Trump rally and telling everyone how threatened he felt by all of the people cheering and chanting ‘lock her up’. He even claimed afterwards, that he was afraid people were going to assault him when he was recognized. What a weinie.