Trump threatens 20% tariff on car imports

i wouldnt blame europe if they banned american imports

I am European. I love being European. However, why on earth should the US continue to sustain a trade deficit? Let’s have balanced and reasonable trade.

How would one balance auto trade between the US and th EU.

The transportation systems of both are based on conflicting ideologies.

Basically public transportation vs everyone has a car.

Hi Jezcoe… when I say balance, I mean the % tariff for import / export duties… also, the UK, Germany and Switzerland (I have lived [live] in all three countries) are car crazy with rational levels of ownership… it will be difficult for the US to compete with Mercedes / BMW / Audi at the top end, however Tesla is an example of a breakthrough (they just can’t make enough). I want fair trade. If that s the case then balance of payments take care of themselves and truly reflect value and that is reasonable.

Mercedes is investing $1B to build electric vehicles in Alabama. BMW is investing an additional $600M in their plant in South Carolina. I am guessing that Trump will be getting a call from both companies.

Hi Stephen.

If one would take the average of the tariffs on products sold between the US and the EU… it is basically a wash.

The average US tariff is 1.6% and the average for the EU is 1.61%

If the point is to put pressure on China… then h would be much better served to not pick a fight with the EU at the same time.

More anti-capitalist, protection-Democrat nonsense from the orange idiot.