Trump tax cut turns out to be another Trump lie


People aren’t taxed with higher marginal rates for working harder. They are taxed at higher marginal rates for bringing in more income.


Except he most likely wouldn’t because they would have very different incomes, being that cost of living in both states is vastly different. New York and Iowa’s income tax rates arent that different: they top out around 8% in highest margin. Its likely the NY lawyer would have a larger tax payment due to having a larger salary.


New Jersey has high local taxes because of reductions in state taxes by Christine Todd Whitman about 25 years ago.

It’s simple…cuts to federal and state taxes result in services being cut and someone’s got to pick up the slack

That is currently local entities.


Being rich doesnt mean you work harder than other people. Tell that to someone nailing shingles on roofs or coal miners. Or the factory worker doing 60 hour weeks in a foundry to put his kids through college. Trump wouldnt last a day in either of those jobs.


It’s not “punishment”.

But it’s revealing that you think it is


Dont know…ask trump…he uses them a lot…


Doesn’t change the facts of the case.

If two people in differing states have the same income, why should one pay a different effective tax rate?


Same reason two people with the same income won’t pay the same rate due if one happens to have a bigger mortgage than the others.

In a larger point, the one paying more state taxes is less likely to be on a state that leeches grant money from the fed.


Because they pay higher state taxes. Its no different than a break for being married or paying mortgage interest. Why didnt the GOP get rid of those deductions and why is the GOP now arguing for higher federal taxes by eliminating deductions?


Who cares about percent? Why should the higher income person have to pay $1 more than the low income person? What you pay is what actually matters. Nobody pays percent, they pay dollars.


Why can’t we deduct food, then? If you eat more, you should deduct more, right?


Asked and answered. It’s all arbitrary.

Which is why there’s no excuse for taking away SALT deductions other than to punish libs.


I claim Head of Household because my 91y/o mom lives with me. She has zero anything except her social security. I’m a IHSS worker because of her.

I was just looking at the tax table, just like 2017. I’m not liking the idea not deducting my mortgage and property taxes. Isn’t that one reason why people buy homes?

I just don’t want to end up paying only because I don’t have that much saved.


soooooo other states that have the same services that do it with less of a tax burden are magic?


Some do it with federal grants.


No…they offer fewer services and/or are less populated.


Hard work doesn’t just include those who do manual labor. Example the line of work I’m in. It’s hard work, and takes a special breed of person to do it. And I don’t think The Don would last a full shift in a coal mine.


You don’t think it’s a punishment to have a higher percentage of income taken?


In a Utopian world that would happen(each person paying the same amount of money to support services for the society). Reality it won’t. Just like a flat tax will never be a reality either.


Ok. So what makes your flat rate tax fair? Seems like you are still punishing those who earn more.