Trump taking on the dictators

He’s put more tough sanctions on Putin, and Iran. He’s got harsh sanctions on NK to get them to denuke. He’s got sanctions on Venezuela because a dictator is starving children. He just sent a jet over China’s island that violates international waters and is trying to force open their markets. He’s trying to advance freedom like America once did.

What Trump is taking on here at home and abroad and succeeding is unbelievable. These are exciting times “we” are in.

Maybe Obama will apologize for us flying a plane over that island.

I forgot to add the dictator of Turkey. Trump put sanctions on him too.

Obama, Brought back slavery to Libya.

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To bad the Socialists of this country can’t just go live in North Korea! lol.
People like Bernie Sanders wouldn’t have to much to preach about over there, because
if he said the wrong thing, He’s simply get a bullet in his head.

Did Obama do fly overs of the China military Island in international waters? I doubt it.

Yeah!!! Awesome!! :us:

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Liberal won’t look at the failed history of socailsim, ever. The greatest force for mass murder in history in the shortest time. Nearly 100 million dead and billions enslaved in about 70 years of the 20th century. Then they watch Venezuela in real, and still can’t learn. You can even add the soft socialism of the failed countries of Greece, Spain, Argentina etc… Mexico for that matter. Nicaragua, Cuba, California…

6 warning and we didn’t back down!

…Trump is Cool

“China Sent 6 Warnings To A US Navy Aircraft In The South China Sea. The US Didn’t Back Down”

History of socialism in America : millions of lives saved by Medicare.

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When Obama was president, wasn’t America the laughing stock of the nations on several different levels politically?

Well, no. He was largely respected. But I’ve lost track - do we want the other nations to like us now?

That’s just pretending they would die without it… It’s also redistribution of wealth from the poor youth to the rich elderly.

True. Republicans should run on eliminating it.

You wish… They won’t.

That’s why a lot of Bernie supporters are millennials. The kids only voted for him, because he came across as cool. Weather they know what Socialism really means, or even anything about it. If they knew how many freedoms that they would lose with it, they probably wouldn’t be voting or supporting socialism in this country!
The brain doesn’t fully develop until the age of 25. Even the Duke started out a liberal when he was younger, but with age comes wisdom usually, and that’s why when people get older, their ways tend to become more Conservative.

Why not? Surely after a half century of socialized medicine the system is full of disgruntled angry elderly people who have had their lives destroyed by Medicare, right? Shouldn’t be too hard to get them on board.

I noticed there is hardly a liberal commentator on this topic…

Trump is doing an awesome Job, however, I am concerned a bit on the repercussions the sanctions could have with countries literally collapsing from the power of US sanctions. Maybe my concerns are not as big a deal as I think, but I hope we will have the infrastructure to maintain while China reciprocates.

Turkey is insolvent, Iran is on its way down, China is the real threat if and how they decide to retaliate.

It’s one of the reasons our medical system is not affordable. Actually, govt programs in our capitalist system is a way for politicians to buy votes, so it’s a kind of market system itself. They know old people vote, and young people don’t ,so it’s also about greed.