TRUMP TAKES EUROPE: The President Says Germany ‘A CAPTIVE’ of Russia | Sean Hannity

President Trump kicked-off his high-stakes NATO negotiations with a sharp critique of Germany’s relationship with Russia Wednesday, saying Angela Merkel was “a captive” of the Kremlin over a controversial energy pipeline.

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Nice to have a president who negotiates all the time. Competence for the first time since maybe Nixon on the foreign front. A real Yankee trader. Love it.

Merkel is such a visionary.
She has been acting in conflict with her country’s best interests. She is a left wing globalist. She would rather capitulate to the Russians than work with her allies.
If she sees Russia as a friend, then we should cut Germany loose and send them on their way.
If history is any indicator of the future, Merkel has put all of Germany’s energy eggs in one basket.
If Putin sees fit, he can now cripple Germany but cutting off oil and gas supplies.
Merkel is an idiot