Trump surpasses the 100 Article III Judge milestone, now has 102 appointees

5 United States District Judges were confirmed during the proceeding week, bring Trump’s Article III Judge total to 102.

The breakdown is 2 Justices to the Supreme Court, 37 to the Courts of Appeal, 63 to the District Courts and 0 to the Trade Court.

6 nominees to the Court of Appeals are currently pending, 4 of which are on the Senate floor and ready for confirmation and likely 2 of those will be confirmed next week.

65 nominees to the District Courts are currently pending, 30 of which are on the Senate floor and ready for confirmation. Expect a large number of those to be processed in the upcoming weeks.

2 nominees to the Trade Court are currently pending, both of whom are on the Senate floor and ready for confirmation. Their confirmations will likely occur before the summer.

As a comparison, Obama had appointed at this same point in his presidency:

2 Supreme Court Justices
18 Court of Appeals Judges
62 District Court Judges
0 Trade Court Judges
82 total Article III Judges

If Trump serves only a single term, I would estimate that he finishes in the low 200 range, but still does not come close to breaking President Carter’s record of 262 appointments in a single Presidential term.

While he has had an effect on the Supreme Court, if he finishes slightly over 200 Judges, that is less than 25% of the total and would not have a significant long lasting effect on the lower courts. He would still have to win a second term to effect a major change.

And of course, repubs would have to keep the Senate.

Because a Dem Senate would not do their job?


Unfortunately, any semblance of comity is long gone in the Senate. It will be very hard for any future President of either party to get nominees confirmed with a hostile Senate.

I’m sure they would do their best to maintain the high level of cooperation, esp in regards to judges, the republicans gave Obama.

Good to know they’re all the same.

Both parties have been complete ******* jerks to the other parties over the last several decades, both parties progressively getting worse. They are in a race with each other to be more irresponsible, but obviously neither party is in a position to criticize the other.

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War of attrition.

Well, hopefully Trump can get the District Courts stocked up, so that if we get a Republican President/Democratic Senate or a Democratic President/Republican Senate in 2020, at least there will be some buffer to work with.

Your speculation that they are the same does not match current reality.

How so?

I disagree. McConnell did something Dems in modern history have not done.

Bothsiderism doesn’t work here.

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Non-justice Merrick Garland.

A simple and inevitable escalation of the previous new mark set by your side of the aisle.

There will be a new one at the first opportunity, again by your side of aisle.

That’s deserving of hur dur but I wont do it and will be rational.

No escalation except from Rs who decided not to give Garland hearings and an up/down vote. Dems, who are not my side, have done that to which R nomination in modern history?

Since anyone on this forum has been alive, and longer, which R nominated justice did the Dems deny hearings and an up/down vote?

Harry Reid and the simple majority. You fail to understand strategy because you worry about tactics.

Have a nice day.

Bzzzt. Try answering the question this time.

Why won’t you do it?

I am not here to please you. You have the answer you’re getting.

Because I feel compelled to demolish the attempts at bothsiderism being attempted.

Both sides have not been as bad over the last few decades.