Trump supports, are aligned on this - tell Russia to attack countries

Not going to answer? No longer surprising.

I think we can all agree the thread title is a lie.


Lmao! What would I do without your wisdom.

…be making dinner. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


:joy::joy::joy: yup!

Too bad Trump couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

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Can’t miss something you’ve never had or will have.

Wait, there’s food??

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Why? The more he talks, the better. Where else would the late night comedians get their material?

When your enemy is busy making mistakes… shutup.

Napoleon or somebody.

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Nope, according to a NATO spokesperson, 11 out of 31 are “squared up”. Do you honestly think a re-elected President Trump would do nothing if Russia started doing whatever it wanted with Canada?

Oh stop.

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You reckon he didn’t say it.

What do you think Russia wants to do with poland if not attack?

What do you think Trump meant when making the threat?

‘watch out! I’m gonna a tell russia to do whatever they want and they might show up for tea!’

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Yes, they are. The only disagreement is a non-binding target for individual country defense spending/GDP.


Not even “whatever it wanted”. He’d act against it even if Russia did some feinting first step. And I would want him to do that. We all would.

Trump bluster. (Shrug.) I’m supportive of him trying to get the rest of NATO pitching in, rather than the US remaining the primary world police force and material reservoir.


I reckon you’d keep doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.


Nope I dont think it is.