Trump Signs $855 Billion Spending Bill, Averts Gov't Shutdown

President Trump on Friday signed an $854 billion spending package that will avert a shutdown by keeping the federal government open into the new fiscal year, which begins Monday.

The measure fully funds most parts of the federal government through fiscal 2019, pushing off a deadline for a partial shutdown - and showdown over funding for Trump’s proposed border wall - until early December.

So Trump did the politically correct thing and signed this bill and not shut the government down. How do physical hawks feel about this or is it just about protecting republican candidates during the midterms?

Trump supporters have no explanation for this, so expect no response.

The cultists will find a way to get behind this.

Where’s Rafael Cruz leading the charge to shut the government down over irresponsible spending???

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I’m trying to find out how individual members voted.

Six Republican senators - Jeff Flake (Ariz.), Mike Lee (Utah), Rand Paul (Ky.), David Perdue (Ga.), Ben Sasse (Neb.) and Pat Toomey (Pa.) - joined Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in voting against the legislation, which also includes a short-term stopgap bill to fund the rest of the government through Dec. 7 and prevent a shutdown that would start Oct. 1.

Cruz voted for the bill.

Of course he did. The transformation is complete. He is a spineless coward of a man. I can’t believe I voted for him in the Primary. :face_vomiting:

Same here. Since I voted for him, he has not only become proficient at spending our money, but he has also become proficient at kissing Trump’s ring.

A yuuuuuuuge disappointment.


Hey, anyone have a schedule of the Tea Party rallies happening in GA? I’m sure there are many with all this excessive spending occurring, but I can’t seem to find them on the internet for some reason…

Cruz is in a fight this Nov. He can’t afford a shutdown politically.

I can’t believe you just admitted that. Lol!


Sure. But he could’ve voted against it, like other self-professed conservatives did. But he is a coward. Gutless wonder.

I’ve been very open about that from the beginning. I’m never ashamed of my votes. Well, until after the fact sometimes. :man_facepalming:

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Glad to see he voting his principles

Of course he did. Fiscal deficits were going to ruin us 5 years ago. Now they’re NBD.

It’s a pipe dream but I hope Beto wins. Cruz is the epitome of slimy politician.

Nothing really to worry about here folks. Remember, Trump is going to eliminate the debt in 8 years.

Cowardly tea partiers nowhere to be found

It’s a conservative ghost town in here…? Too busy making sure women know they better not speak up, I guess.

tumbleweeds roll by

Yep, it’s the year of the man, so women need to shut the hell up.

Cruz is a political opportunist. When he ran in 2012, the Tea Party was the big thing so he pandered to them and ran as a conservatives. Now that the GOP is the party of Trump and deficits don’t matter, Cruz is pandering to Trump. He has no principles.