Trump says Saudi Arabia is paying 1B for our American soldiers

How do you all feel about this? If I were a service member or family of a service member, I’d be furious.


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In his own words.


We can be bought?

By Saudi Arabia?

Oh, and he’s lying.

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Why are OUR soldiers being sent to SA? We don’t belong over there PERIOD. We shouldn’t have any interest in a country that kills and dismembers journalists or sends terrorists to perpetrate the tragedies of 9/11. With trump, it’s all about the BENJAMINS.

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So the US military is now officially a mercenary force, bought and paid for by despots.

Its nice that Trump just put that out in the open.


About the Billion? I figured.

Oh see when he says “in the bank” he doesn’t mean America’s bank. That’s for Trump*/Kushner family bailouts.

It’s always Trump* First.


Of course it’s a lie.

He just left off it’s for him personally.

Ah there it is. Took longer than I thought and from a disappointing source.

You need to learn the definition of that word if you’re going to call yourself a lawyer.

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Hope those (re)enlistment bonuses start going up. This could be very excellent news.


Oh man, if only we had their wages! :rofl:

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If the ignorant only knew what their “wages” actually are…

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It was indicated that the troops were going to be there but that before the deployment increased, Trump asked for compensation? If it was strictly based on money…I’d agree but this IMO was being reimbursed for an expense they should share in…and historically…have not.

I’m still a little salty about battlefield collections no longer being a thing.


Bit we’re making SO much bigly money renting American blood out to foreign powers! What could be more 'Murican?

My feelings are that Democrats bash Trump for wanting South Korea and NATO to pay a greater amount for the protection we provide them, and blast Trump for not getting paid less from Saudi Arabia for the protection we provide them.
My feelings are that Democrats just bash Trump, no matter what and no matter how contradictory they have to be to do it.


Getting the wall built and paying more scrutiny to what the cartels are doing next door.