Trump Says He’s ‘Not Satisfied’ With Saudi Arabia’s Answers in Jamal Khashoggi case

“I’m going to know very shortly because I have a great group of people in Turkey right now and a great group of people in Saudi Arabia,” he replied. “We will know very soon. We have tremendously talented people that do this stuff very well. They’re coming back tonight and tomorrow. And I will know very soon. I am not satisfied with what I’ve heard.”

I’m going to click “Create Topic” very soon because I have a great group of brain cells in my brain and a great group of fingers on my hands. I will do so very soon. I have tremendously talented posters here that know how talented I am. Posters will reply today and tomorrow. And I will know how good this thread is. I’m not satisfied that people here really understand how many times you have to change gears and support our current president.

First, I’m glad I don’t speak like our President. Second, he’s all over the place. Needs more info. Severe punishment. Not worth distributing the ME (oil). Arms. Rogue killers.

Calm down Mr. President. You don’t have to speak. Saying “We’re investigating” is perfectly okay.

Tha goodness Donald’s great group of tremendously talented people will get to the bottom of things. I wonder who will crack the mystery - Fred and Daphne, or Shaggy and Scooby-Doo?

The boy genius Kushner.

I love your threads. Don’t ever go anywhere. We need you here.


Why…it was an interrogation…gone wrong. I mean…it was a fist fight…against 15 people. I mean…I mean…

Don’t forget they initially claimed he walked out of the consulate unscathed and nothing happened at all to him.

This will be a true test of Trump’s diplomacy skills. Will he step up and maintain the US’s place as a values leader, or will he abdicate our role and drop us down to the level of our enemies like Iran, China, and Russia, who engage in this type of behavior and turn a blind eye? I suspect I know what he will do. Perhaps he will surprise me though.

Not my joke…but…

Bonesaw is a drinking game.


Not satisfied? It was just a journalist, not even an American one, Trump no doubt is not satisfied that Saudi Arabia has to answer any questions and that he, Trump, has to play some game where he must need pretend he gives a rats ass about the fate of Khashoggi.

The Good Lord knows Donalt Trump has far better things to tend to than some journalist getting himself tortured and murdered.

There are Donny Deplorable Dummy’s out there where he has yet to go and hold a rally for so he can bask in their ever so bright yet somehow dull light and adoration.

Or maybe…
It was a Sharia execution.

Maybe he will place national security of the United States first and let the Saudis deal with their own dissidents. We arn’t the policeman of the world… or the judge… or the jury. Trump will be in the good company of historical figures like Winston Churchill who had to accept communist allies to beat an even greater threat.

I am interested to see if the remains are recovered and if he was, in fact, beheaded.

Saudi is the heart of the Hajj and Islam.

Sky news is reporting the Body has been found.

In the Saudi Consulates garden.

It’s just like a sneaky fake news journalists to kill and dismember himself with a bone saw and bury his own remains in the Saudi Consulates home. Dastardly.

Watch out, fellas! Trump isn’t satisfied with the Saudis. What harsh worded tweet will he sent out un response?

they fed him to the worms instead of the fishes.

Please! Try harder. We must believe that the world cares about Khashoggi. (may he rest in peace) About 50 people have been executed in the last 4 months some by happy sword beheading Saudi’s. Supposedly they upgraded to an electric bone saw to soften the country’s image. The US has been in a working relationship with those pesky Saudi’s for a very long time. Now we have to endure more of this BS.