Trump’s Greatest Hits

Don’t forget the Bible in front of the church.

Certainly makes the top 10 with a bullet.



Let’s see who was there from your article;

A second Capitol police officer, Howard Liebengood, died by suicide on Saturday. Christopher Stanton Georgia, a 53-year-old Georgia man who was arrested in D.C. on Jan. 6, also died by suicide over the weekend.

How does that lessen he irony of a supposed pro-cop, pro america crowd beating a cop with an american flag?

I want a cheese pizza!

Understand me clearly…I do not endorse any violence from either side but what this did expose was the mindset of some of those there. They were mentally sick.

You guys think we will see Trump’s awesome health care plan in the next two days?

Yeah…here it is. Oh, wait… :sunglasses:

Who can forget that moment when Trump became the first president in history to remember the tragedy of 7 / 11.

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Does talking about the size of his genitalia count? Technically that was before he became president.

Also, I loved his Twitter war with Lavar Ball. The man really will duke it out with the lowest of the lows.

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How could we forget lawnmower boy!?!?!


Is Trump yelling for him to get off of his lawn?


The noise is drowning out the cable news he’s watching.

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We’ll never know!

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That is very telling about a lot of things that you think you know. :sunglasses:

Trump is yelling at the stupid kid because he is missing a huge patch of grass, and his lines are not straight. I mean just look at the curves he is leaving with his wheels…The kid is horrible at what he does, and Trump is just trying to make him better at it…so maybe he can start his own landscaping business/lawn mowing business one day when he grows up.

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And my favorite…



That’s Rachel Levine, former PA physician general and their current secretary of health. She’s been nominated to be assistant secretary for health in the department of Health and Human Services. Sounds like a great appointment. Trump would have been lucky. Good call, Smyrna.