Trump Rally Tonight Wilmington NC 09/23/22

Taking the stage at 7 est.

Usually 30 minutes late.

Live local updates. Live updates from Donald Trump's visit to Wilmington

Live on Rumble and RSBN.

As expected 34 minutes late and counting.

boy he sure holds a lot of rallies.

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A typical Biden Rally.

Note the Big Screen Teleprompter.

Is Trump OK?

That’s President Trump to you.

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Alright is President Trump ok?

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Go ahead and have Fetterman give a 30 minute rebuttal.

I am feeling generous. Have Brandon give a 45 minute rebuttal and we can split screen compare.

Trump policies have been shown to help middle class and non working more than the bait and switch Dem handouts. Dems are out of borrowed money and ideas.

I would say many in that crowd would agree.

I agree.

Trump Desantis is a solid one two punch.

what a clown world

We should def choose our leaders based on how long they can physically stand in front of a crowd and talk nonsense.


She was 12, I was 30

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You win.

He needs more hats, flags and rallies apparently.


Or more practice physically standing.

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from what i can tell that works better than electing them based on how long they can hide in the basement.

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“you gotta say hi to me”

sounds like he may have been trying to rekindle an old romance

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That whole “basement” narrative worked out well for y’all didn’t it?