Trump Punishment

Assuming Trump is convicted on his 100 charges, what penalties would satisfy The People?

  • Disqual for office under the 14th
  • Multiple Years in Prison
  • Fines to Destitution

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You can choose more than one.

He should be grounded from social media, for TWO WEEKS! :rofl:


I agree. :+1: :grinning:

There is no voting option i would go along with.


Depends on who one asks.

The progs want him fined into destitution and to spend the rest of his life in prison. That’s the only thing that would satisfy them.

More reasonable people who wanted him punished in some sort of way would probably be fine with disqualification from any future federal office.

Me personally I believe the charges should dropped. Mainly because he’s being turned into a Martyr with the current series of charges and ambitions. It only helps him, especially if he manages to beat the charges.


To me, if they are not going to prosecute Biden and Clinton for their mishandling as well then anything they do to Trump will just make him stronger.


I’m still waiting on what proof that they have that Trump done anything illegal.


Helps him how? We’re waaaaaay past the point where he’s gaining supporters. He has his base. That’s it.

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Who is they? The GOP? They were clearly too inept to prosecute Clinton and, somehow, can’t get anything to stick to Biden.

And again. What is the outcome of Trump becoming “stronger”? Do you think that means more support and from who?

There’s a super easy answer to his question, if he’s convicted under Georgia’s racketeering statute, that’s a mandatory five years and civil forfeiture. But hey it’s a state prison, so he’ll probably get out after thirty months.

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Or, are many going to vote against the weaponization of the judicial system, ergo will vote for Trump that would not have done so previously?


Got to say, those are pretty limited options.

First, only the left wants him ruined personally and financially.

They are throwing the kitchen sink at him. Should something stick, it’s going to be as rotten smelling as a garbage disposal not run for 3 weeks.



It depends on whom you mean by “the people”. If you mean the people running the show (Garland, Biden, Wray, Democrats in Congress) I think they would be satisfied with prohibiting him from running. Anything to destroy the chance that he be President again. I would add the Pence, Bush, Christie, Romney Republicans here.
If you are talking about the 88% of Democrats who have been worked up with Trump hate since 2015, they are going to want all three.
If you are talking about most Republicans, they are not going to accept the legitimacy of these cases as based on criminalization of politics.
I would not personally buy the legitimacy of cases based on the political organizing and brought in area where the jury pool is tainted with overwhelmingly lopsided Democrats who already consider Trump not only guilty but a traitor.
The document case in Florida may have provable obstruction charges, but the penalty should include none of the things listed considering the disparate treatment given to Biden and the politicized nature of the DOJ. If guilty, maybe a $10k fine would be appropriate.


Nope. Trump is still Trump and people won’t vote for him. And news flash, the judicial system has always been weaponized. That ain’t new.

So…you want us to act like a banana republic, and not hold our pols responsible when they break the law? I am a bit surprised.

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Make sure to pay attention to the trials…if there is enough evidence, he just might be held accountable.

Isn’t that a good thing for a constitutional republic?

Disqualification seems fitting since they probed every possible gap in the election process with brazen criminal activity.

We could write million extra laws to protect those gaps from the lowest denominator of scum–but I’d rather just disqualify the only person who was too shameless for a 200-year-old system.

I don’t like jail for non-violent crimes.

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That’s funny…

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Rico charges should be brought again CoJ’s IMO.

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No…most on the left, and most reasonable people, want him held accountable if the evidence proves he is guilty.

Again that’s funny…

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