Trump promised $50M penthouse to buddy Putin

Sounds like you’re surrendering to reality of whats to come here.

At this point I believe pettiness would be ignoring the reality of what’s occurring, and that is the downfall of the corrupt and treasonous Trump, and its clear he’s going to scratch and claw at whats left of his supporters to stay afloat as long as possible until they all sink together.

Yeesh. I’m starting to feel bad for you guys. This is rough.

You got him now.


No, it will take a good while longer, and may not actually get him. But strap your ass in. This is going to be a ■■■■■■■ doozie.

Hahhahahahahahaha “pettiness.”

This is going to be an unpleasant winter for a lot of people here.

Yes they actually do.

This is a Code Orange people. Get pence to the White House immediately. pence is now the primary.

Move it. Move it. Move it.

How come no Trumpsters ever ask themselves why Trump would work with Felix Sater?

Because if they had actually bothered to ask themselves that earlier they could have avoided this despair washing over them.

Step four: petulance

Honestly this.

And im very confused as to why any true republican would hesitate to act now.

Should be any day now. Is this the “collusion” we’ve all heard so much about??

Quite obviously.

Also, how come Pence isn’t out front defending Trump from all this?

Because he knows.

This is the tip of the iceberg —Judge Napolitano

No, not any day now. This will be a steady roll. It doesn’t work like that.

What is “this”? There’s literally so much crazy ■■■■ going on it’s impossible to know which “this” you’re talking about. I can’t see around the indictments and plea deals. They’re stacked too high.

There’s always a tweet.

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Its funny to me that the Russian hacking is what brought the dogs to the door but the republicans willl eventually cite the selling out to Saudi Arabia to support their votes.

Yea so what that our president who him and is campaign are under investigation for potential collusion with Russia to influence the election lied about offering Putin a $50m penthouse during the campaign in exchange for building a tower in moscow…so what? Unreal.

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