Trump promised $50M penthouse to buddy Putin

News is breaking that Trump, as part of his bid to build a Trump tower in Moscow, promised his boyfriend Vladimir Putin, a $50M penthouse in the new building. This all happened during the presidential campaign.

You all do realize none of this ever took place, that it was a discussion of a building that was never built, don’t you?
And you do realize that someone who is in the process of running for President is still a private citizen?
So much excitement over hypothetical discussions.


What is the hypothetical? What is being assumed?

I stop reading as soon as I noticed talking point memo.

The fact that it’s being parroted here is real travesty.

The days of carrying water for the President are getting worse and worse.

We get it.


You do realize that a presidential candidate negotiating a deal to give the russian president a condo in a quid pro quo is bat ■■■■ crazy illegal right? Even if the deal doesn’t go through. Plus all the lies about it, Plus the emoluments issues.

We get it, Trumpsters don’t care he’s a crook willing to sell us all out for his personal gain because…reasons.

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Do you know what isn’t hypothetical? That Trump and his people repeatedly lied about this ever taking place.

Do you know what also isn’t hypothetical? The Trump campaign seeking to work with foreign agents to obtain dirt hacked from their political adversaries, weakening the party’s language on Ukraine, and then having Flynn contact Russia to sweet talk them when it became evident sanctions for election meddling might be headed their way.

Seedy incident after seedy incident with a heaping helping of lies from Trump and his people to try to cover them up. You may not care that your President thinks the Republican Party is stupid enough to believe whatever he says and support him no matter he does. That doesn’t mean the rest of us have to go along for the ride.


How serious would you me if I started a thread from Infowars?

You guys will laugh me out of the forum…and I would degrade the forum in the process.

Would you agree?

Even if Trump weren’t a presidential candidate, our jusitice system frowns quite heavily on foreign bribes.

Op appears to be a rookie.

They should have used the original source. Buzzfeed.

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It’s all going to be okay.

By 2021 it will all be down the memory hole and CEC anger at the libs will no longer carry actual real world consequences again.

Just hang on long enough and no one will be forced to learn anything from this.


Which is why my offer to pay for peoples visible pro trump tattoos stands. Afraid to many are going to slink away and pull the classic “he was never a true scottsman like me” shtick.

OK so. Someone (Private citizen) looking to do business with a dictator.

It’s how things get done in some countries.

Not in this country babe.

Heavily enforced.


Buzzfeed is even worse :confused:

Step one: FAKE NEWS
Step two: So what?
Step three: I never liked Donald but libs forced me to support him!


Challenge the reporting.

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Mr. Law and Order - all the way.

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I said it in another thread - forget infrastructure week. I think we’re going to need an infrastructure month.

I’ll tell you all what…knock yourself out with your pettiness.

If you want to degrade this forum that’s on you guys.

I’m out of the thread.

Have fun.

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