Trump played by SA, sells us out for nothing. OPEC to prop up prices

Trump has made clear he won’t hold MBS to account because he said the house of Saud will keep oil prices low for him.

Yesterday, opec voted to limit production. Trump sold us out for nothing in return for our people, only himself.

A person has to wonder how many blocks of rooms in Trump hotels Saudi Arabia is paying up front for today.

Chance of Trump criticizing this vote: zero.

Such an epic level of winning that it defies words.

Thanks Mr. President!

Very good people on both sides.

You don’t understand what winning is about clearly.

MakeAmericaGrovelAgain :saudi_arabia:

If the United States does something about the how MBS that killed the reporter, OPEC will cut back on production even more to get revenge. Donald Trump may have saved trillions of dollars by rolling and showing his belly to Saudi Arabia. If this is what the United States needs to do to get cheap oil, then I say that this is the price I am willing to pay.

Every president we ever had in my memory kisses the buttocks of SA.

Really tired of this ■■■■■■■ moron…
Thanks half the country for voting for this waste of human life

Don’t you dare suggest Donald is like every other president in recent memory. America voted for and loves him because he’s NOT like the establishment creeps who sold us to foreign interests!

Every president did not have their son-in-law cavorting with a Saudi prince, making secret deals that seem to only serve the purpose of helping madmen grip power.

You say that like it’s a bad thing.


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Hey Trump has a lot of hotels in that country!

Immaterial. Fake news.

He definitely wouldn’t be the first. The political class seems to bow to SA while the American public loath them.

I have seen all the presidents do something in SA best interests. Do you not remember Obama vetoing a bill that would allow American families to sue SA for retribution’s for 9/11?

Trumps not the first, nor will he be the last. The one area there is bipartisanship is sucking up to Saudis.

Trump is WEAK we need STRENGTH