Trump picked Brett Kavanaugh as 'barrier' to Russia inquiry – Schumer


I am enjoying each and every day of the Trump Presidency.

2020 will be very exciting.


thats not what i said.


I agree with the 2020 part. It’s gonna be interesting to see if the backlash comes then or later. We’re pretty much guaranteed that power flip flops it’s just when. Do Americans, potentially hurt by Trump actions, hang with him for 4 more years? I say many will. Unless he screws with their SS.


LOL. It’s OK. What you type is subject to a multitude of interpretations.


I agree that his popularity is likely to wan over time.

Right now things are going very well. I think the policy he has embraced will make winning 2020 most likely.


No it is not.


Go back and re-read your last 6 posts on this topic and summarize them for clarity for us.


No…I won’t


I will then. IMO…President Trump picks a SCOTUS nominee that is incredibly consistent with the justice he is replacing.

PB criticism revolves around Kavanaugh being a DC insider for having the temerity to actually grow up and reside in DC. Does this means Trump needs to nominate an unknown which would be offering a media circus softball to his critics? Is DC circuit suddenly POOR experience for a SCOTUS? You have no substance to back up your opposition. Kavanaugh is not undoing Roe v Wade. He isn’t an ideologue looking to shift the court,

Trump made a solid pick and all the critics (PB) can do is no because it appears to hurt Trump to simply say no.


Brett is an insider. Everything trump ran against on. Will he overturn roe? Dont know…his statements are not good evidence since he had to respect precedent because he was a lower court.

He will shift the court, he is it a Kennedy in any sense of the term. Kennedy stood up for some equal rights…Brett most likely wont.

Between his change of heart on investigating presidents, removing Chevron, and being more pro business, he is a bad pick.

But hey you got your court…the balance will shift and there will be blowback.there always is.

Dems win the white house in 2020 and the court remains the same till then they could be looking at 3 seats…