Trump picked Brett Kavanaugh as 'barrier' to Russia inquiry – Schumer


The problem with what you’re implying here is that “cozying up” is not an impeachable offense.

We’ll have to see what Mueller actually has…not what we think or believe he has.

No matter what we feel, personally, went down between Russia and the Trump campaign.


You have no idea what the Mueller probe is.

So far, it’s no more a joke than the Starr probe or the Benghazi probe were.


It doesn’t really matter does it? Republicans are not gonna impeach Trump. He has unleashed, and sometimes encouraged (for his own benefit), the centuries old southern mentality and biases. And the base has screamed how much they loved it. They won’t touch him.


Collusion equals joke. If you have nothing, you use non-legal hedge word terminology.

A wasteful Joke from the fake media to the voter ears.



If Obama colluded with Iran would that be a joke?


He kinda did by sending over all that cash.

No Mueller on him though…



So you’re saying colluding is a bad thing?


if people take up arms against the government i hope they get shot dead in the streets…


Was this collusion then?

How about this?


Wouldn’t they have to get off the couch and turn off the TV? That ain’t happening for 99.999% of all the nuts.

Plus, they’d only do it in the spring and fall anyway. Too much heat/cold otherwise.


I am saying Obama was for more corrupt than Trump and yet he avoided any “collusion” investigation.

Do you support flying planes filled with hundreds of millions of untraceable dollars to country’s that support terror operations?


Why would further weakening the application of the term collusion matter?


Sorry, liberals don’t control the government right now, your fantasy is unlikely to happen while they do.


until they do rather stupid no edit button


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Ah the projection. Let me show you how in really you guys are the stupid ones. Trump ran on draining the swamp. Guess who this pick is? You couldnt get more ■■■■■■■ swamp than brett.

Worked for ken starr
Worked for Bush jr
grew up in washington dc ( literally grew up there)

its amazing how hard you guys got punked…Like nobody can be this stupid punked…yet here we are


you remove chevron difference, which he wants to and Gorsuch, then they can…

Again you got played and clearly dont understand whats going on


Finished his presidency, became super rich and almost became first man lady of the U.S.


wrong, back during clinton he wrote that Starr should have indicted Clinton hard…


just admit you are full of it and move on