Trump pardons D’Souza. A month later he's retweeting #BurnTheJews and #BringBackSlavery

First, somebody get this guy a mirror. Second, he said the first one was a mistake. :wink: Then he later re-tweeted the second one.

Promo for the new movie saying Trump is like Lincoln?

When will Righties realize that this guy is an idiot?

These people with these nasty nasty hashtags are MAGA trumpists. This is our country today. Sad.

Who knew the Trumpist hero had Nazi tendencies? I mean color me shocked!

When they no longer secretly harbor tacit approval for his actions like this.

But it’s ok. As any MAGA will tell you, they’re just retweeting Nazi slogans to “Own the Libs.”

Yes that’s right, pretend your a Nazi to “own” us.

There’s good people on both sides.

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Was it a farrakhan Tweet, because then it would be alright.


I never took you as a Farrakhan fan but ok. Thanks for letting us know. Again, no surprise but at least you had the confidence to be open about it.

I’m thinking that Trump would never pardon Farrakhan for breaking the law like this…

“Dinesh D’Souza pleaded guilty to using a “straw donor” in order to make an illegal campaign contribution to a U.S. Senate race in 2012. In 2014, D’Souza entered his plea and was eventually sentenced to five years probation, eight months in a halfway house and a $30,000 fine. On May 31 of this year, President Trump issued a pardon”.

Law and Order folks.

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This guy wrote one of the single most insane political books I’ve ever read, where he blamed 9/11 on liberals because fundamentalist Mosley’s hate our culture and advised American conservatives to make common cause with those Moslems to defeat the libs.

He’s a predictable partisan scumbag. It’s no surprise that he’s so highly admired by the New Conservative ‘Merikuh.

Farrakhan is a piece of garbage, but go on with your Whataboutism.

Poster child for Donald’s GOP.

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I mean, his schtick has always been the minority dude who says outrageously racist ■■■■ sooooo

obama and ellison sure seem to love him.

Fact is, farrakhan has far more clout with the dimocrats than d’souza will ever have with Republicans. And, as I said, if farrakhan had tweeted that, it would be okay. People might even say he was getting soft in his old age.


Farrakhan is a joke and the only people who take him seriously is the CEC


#burnthejews people are MAGAts but cowardly Republicans just want to avert their eyes and try to pretend those people aren’t there. It’s pathetic.

I can think of a least “a million” others who would disagree with you. Including both obamas.

Right, so you’re identifying Sousa as like Farrakhan and yet you still follow him.

That’s pretty messed up.