Trump open the U.S government up to Foreign money

Normally there is a zero gray room when it comes to foreign money being given to Federal offical, that is till 2017 when the DOJ changed the normal protocol.

Clark’s article notes that in more than 50 legal opinions over some 150 years justice department lawyers have interpreted the clause in a way that barred any foreign payments or gifts except for ones Congress approved. But filings by the department since June 2017 reveal a new interpretation that “… would permit the president – and all federal officials – to accept unlimited amounts of money from foreign governments, as long as the money comes through commercial transactions with an entity owned by the federal official,” the professor writes.

so if there is someone Turkey want to bribe? just give some money to their privately owned company.

isn’t this the thing people claimed was illegal with the Clinton foundation?

Mmmm corruption at its finest…and his supporters wont even bat an eyelash over it.

Oh, I’d love to hear a Trumpsplanation for this one. Help us out, Trump worshipers!

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Sick and sad.

So this is Wednesday’s scandal that will be ignored.

I wonder what Thursday will bring.

So now pay to play is just peachy. Unbelievable. I don’t even have the words…


He should be impeached.

You really think so?

Yep, thought so the day he took office, he’s unfit for the office. So was Hillary.

If you are being honest, I agree with you on both counts.

I have no reason to lie about it.

Corruption out in the open. I can only imagine all of the illegal ■■■■ this mob family has been committing for decades before occupying the WH.

$500,000 per “speech” sound about right?

I really like that the small government, transparency crowd have outed themselves. That is just too sweet.

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The mob family gotta make it somehow.

Indeed. It’s this type of crap that I despise in government. Using the position to enrich themselves. Greed and corruption will forever be synonymous with Trump. And there is a minority of the American populace who just don’t care. It’s sad.



Looking forward for the Trumpsplanation that makes this acceptable.


Yes it does.

As I keep saying, as long as Trump keeps saying 2 things he’s golden. His supporters will even mortgage their grand kid’s futures, debt wise, to love him.

Even John Gotti had people in the street celebrating him.