TRUMP ON TOP: President’s Approval Hits 51% After Kavanaugh Confirmation Battle

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Despite months of negative attacks from the mainstream media and Democrats, President Trump’s approval rating rose to 51% among likely voters this week; a sharp rebuke to liberal legislators following a brutal confirmation battle surrounding Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

According to Rasmussen Reports, 51% of Americans approve of the Presidents job performance with 48% disapproving.

The data shows 38% “strongly approve” of Trump with 39% “strongly disapproving.”

“This is Trump’s highest Presidential Approval Index rating since early March of last year, shortly after he first took office,” writes Rasmussen.

Likely voters -particularly Republicans- are energized by Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process; pushing back against efforts by Democrats to “delay” the hearings until after the pivotal 2018 midterm elections.

Read the full report here.

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Rasmussen. Always a great source.

and please tell us why they are not reliable.

you seem so sure

and please try to chime in rather than hiding and waiting for your lefty brigade to ride in and rescue you

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I think this is just a good way of saying that the people are behind the way President Trump is dealing with things, with all of the "obstacles " being placed in his way. Never surrender. Red wave.

If there isn’t a red wave this November, I’m going to be disappointed.

Because they’re almost always an outlier?

And because they’re dismissed when they’re not favorable to Trump, and only mentioned when they are?


Dear Admin,

Please refrain from using the term “TRUMP ON TOP” in the future. The Kodak flash in the mind of Trump on Top is very disturbing and not a mental picture that should be bandied about on the internet.

Thank you for your consideration.



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ah ok so due to emotional reasons with no statistical rationale

i was wondering who was going to answer for @reflechissez.

Stormy stormy stormy.

Nothing I stated wasn’t factual.

Rasmussen is nearly always an outlier. That’s not emotional.

This forum, and Trump himself, are proof of the second part of my post. When Rasmussen starts favoring Trump, both Trump and many of his supporters on this very forum say “yay, see, the polls favor Trump.” When Rasmussen shows Trump with lower favorability, all polls are dismissed. There were even posters here, during the election, calling Rasmussen #FakeNews when it showed the race close or favoring Hillary.

Your dislike of the facts doesn’t make them less facty.

yeah i know people like to dismiss polls when they don’t like the results. huh @reflechissez?

too bad they never have a good reason besides “outlier”

Deflections noted!

There is a difference between consistently dismissing Rasmussen and only doing so when you don’t like the results

just pointing out whats happening

No you weren’t, you were completely ignoring what’s happening.

The one poll that supports my opinion is the one that is correct.