TRUMP ON CARAVAN: ‘We Will Shut the ENTIRE Southern Border if Necessary’ | Sean Hannity

President Trump doubled-down on his fiery rhetoric regarding the ‘migrant caravan’ currently stalled in Tijuana Monday; vowing to “shut the entire southern border” to prevent the escalating crisis from spilling into the United States.

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No more threats President Trump! You are a very strong leader and I for one appreciate all that you are and have been doing for this country, without the compensation deserved. We all know that you didn’t become President to get richer or for “only” yourself. You are doing it for the country and we all know that you are doing this to show what “CAN” be done in Washington “without” any further excuses, period!
As far as I am concerned you just keep on pushing for what is right for the American people, which includes absolutely “Zero” excuses from either the Dem-on’s, RHINO’s, liberals, progressives & socialists.
So I say no more threats, no more appeasements and absolutely “ZERO NO” more nice guy! As President, let the dogs off of the leash, and start a whole new campaign on closing the entire southern border and in addition, put “ALL” other borders on notice that the USA is a completely sovereign country and as such as President you simply state to the world that yes we are open for business and for folks to come by a merit based system, and of course come and live peacefully, “HOWEVER” we have rules and “ZERO” tolerance for anyone that feels they have a right to be here. If necessary put the entire set of laws showing what your job is which is first and foremost to protect the CITIZEN’S" of this country. They must come in by merit, assimilate to our country’s history and values and they “MUST” be willing to learn and speak English. Above all other things, they must come in by merit base occupation and it is “REQUIRED” of each person entering this USA, to learn and speak English. Above all other things, they “MUST” renounce all allegiances to their home country and accept the USA as a sovereign country and their only true alligence! PERIOD!!!

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I think the our President has to declassify ALL the documents and shut down the government if needed.

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I cannot fathom why he hasn’t declassified documents yet.