TRUMP ON CARAVAN: ‘We Will Close the ENTIRE Southern Border if Necessary’

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President Trump doubled-down on his fiery rhetoric regarding the ‘migrant caravan’ currently stalled in Tijuana Monday; vowing to “close the entire southern border” to prevent the escalating crisis from spilling into the United States.

“We would save Billions of Dollars if the Democrats would give us the votes to build the Wall. Either way, people will NOT be allowed into our Country illegally! We will close the entire Southern Border if necessary. Also, STOP THE DRUGS!” Trump tweeted.

The President’s comments come just days after members of the ‘migrant caravan’ stormed the US-Mexico border near Tijuana; resulting in the arrests of dozens of immigrants and the deportation of countless more by Mexican authorities.

Close the border forever. That’s my opinion.

Lol Donnie is weak, feckless, and lying as usual.