Trump Ohio Rally

The former President looked good and energized in his return to live political speaking.

He made some good policy points most notably on the border and saying all Biden had to do was go to the beach…Instead Biden immediately broke immigration law enforcement.

Negative side? Still won’t let election go. Look forward 45…Biden stole 2020 fair and square no changing it.

Good to see Trump again!!


Daddy’s back! We missed him so much!



Trump never went away.

A bit of physician heal thyself goin’ on there…just sayin’…lol

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He needs to acknowledge that the shadow effort was legal enough to withstand challenge.

Better he take full credit for and promote vaccine that has forced the lockdown autocrats to back off.

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“There was fraud, but they were too good at it to get caught”.

This poster’s idea of “letting it go”.



Keep laughing…

Judge allows stripped-down Fulton County ballot review case to move forward

Judge allows stripped-down Fulton County ballot review case to move forward (

Oh. We will.


I usually do…except when it’s regarding a subject at this level of importance to all of us.

From your article.

President Joe Biden won Georgia by roughly 12,000 votes, a tally affirmed in multiple recounts and certified by the state, prompting judges to turn away legal challenges to the results.

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Libs whenever a thread about Trump doesn’t start off dripping with hate:



We are over the 2020 election and grateful to Biden for showing us how a corrupt swamp politician operates.

Biden just isn’t so clever and Harris makes Hillary huggable.

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It’s funny that all the top Republicans in the state were too “busy” to attend. Maybe the Trump sore loserism tour has lost some of it’s shine?


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Never mind the fact that we have Trump on tape trying to rig the results in Georgia.


I watched the speech. Holy cow. People waited 10 hours for that?

Wow 15 posts the day after a trump rally.

Back In the day a Trump Superfan would have had a thread countdown to a trump speech and then hundreds of posts during and after. Guess old boy doesn’t sparkle like he used to.


It will be interesting to see if these rallies are enough to sustain Trump’s popularity and relevance. I’m starting to question if they can.


Biden used his spitball and got the win.

Sometimes that is the way it goes.

No one cheated to get Biden the win.

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