Trump Offers Pardons To Aides Who Will Fast-Track Wall Before Election Day

Folks, you can’t get more corrupt than this. Anyone breaking the law for fat donald believing that he will stick his neck out to pardon them, deservers the massive disappointment they’re in for.

President Donald Trump reportedly told officials in his administration that he would pardon them if they had to break any laws to get hundreds of miles of his border wall built before the next presidential election, according to a report Tuesday night in The Washington Post.

“Don’t worry, I’ll pardon you,” the president has allegedly told aides worried about his instructions to seize private land through eminent domain, flout environmental rules or push through billion-dollar contracts.

step 1 offical ok’s illegal seizure of land
step 2 trump pardons official
step 3 landowner sues official and wins huge judgement bankrupting the official


Grasping at straws, aren’t you?

We all know he was just joking.

Also known as grasping at fake news! :roll_eyes:

It his own administration that does the leaking. You could usually take a solid guess at who it is by the news source that gets the scoop.

we dont bother with cnn jerks anymore we just repost huffpo

just in case some of you didnt see it

in about 4-6 weeks, like we have seen over and over and over again with this admin, this will be re-confirmed.


its not like we have seen this happen over and over and over and over again over the past couple of years.

perfect example :Kushner security clearence.

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Must … defend … Trump …

It’s like clockwork


It’s like clockwork

OMG…light your hair on fire. It’s time. This is it. I just know it “reportedly”, “allegedly”, “anonymous”

The Post spoke with an anonymous administration official who said Trump was merely joking when he made those statements.

The toughest daily liberal decision infected with TDS is to decide whether they’ll light their hair on fire or…yell at the sky? Let’s start a thread on this subject and have our local libs fill in the blank each day to keep us all informed? :sunglasses:

This is exactly why FAKE NEWS is such a thing.

It is fabricated from nothing.


If true…

You still won’t condemn it? Even though you’re-snicker-not a Trump supporter?

Sure, I’d condemn it, it would be pointless as well as stupid for him to do it or for anyone to take those kinds of actions based on their belief they would be pardoned. You can’t pardon your way into holding on to illegally seized land. Not to mention Presidential pardons don’t pardon state crimes.

Well that’s probably going to get tested.