Trump now claims most furloughed workers "are Democrats"

Yeah, because dems are so unmotivated…
Unless you’re talking about voter suppression.

Surely the constant outrage is tiring to keep up.

I’m unclear of his point is he trying to suggest this is a good thing that 800K people are ucurrently not being able to pay their bills?

That’s what many people want.

No. He’s trying to suggest that people suffering doesn’t matter because they’re not going to vote for him anyway.

What better release then at the ballot box?

Good luck keeping motivated for another 2 years.

Trump makes it easy.


I remember the good old days when people used to say Obama arracked republican supporters because of his gun clutching comment. They moaned for years.

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The NRA is still moaning about it, but not a single cricket about Trump saying the government should take away guns without due process.

It’s yet another exhibit in the mammoth installation known as IMAGINE IF I HAD DONE THIS?


Yes, because they are totally stoked not to get paid because they want a wall!

Or they’re Democrats and no one cares because Democrats don’t deserve to get paid!


MMMMmmmmm Covfefe…….


Brewed by Donald Valdez using only the finest hand-picked beans from the jungles of Mar-a-Lago.

Sometimes you have to wonder if this is all a game show and at the end of four years, Trump will jump out and go “Booo! I was just joking to get your reaction.”

AKA, the Southern Kremlin

that is going to be a full wing in the library


Obama: “I’m keeping the government shut until I get 5 billion for Climate Change research. And anyways the government workers are mostly republicans anyways.”

Like come on…seriously…

"im shutting down the government till we have gun control bill " or “im shutting down the government until we vote on a new civil rights act”

heads be popping up and down the rightoverse

No I’m sure they wold be saying- honestly this is an issue that the Republicans should take up in Congress and at least compromise on if not completely agree to.

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