Trump now claims most furloughed workers "are Democrats"

So what’s he saying here? Seems to me like he is holding hostage real people but hey most of them are Democrats! :man_shrugging:

Seriously, ■■■■ that guy.


It’s true. Most Border Patrol and TSA agents are Democrats. Who cares what this does to their families?

And precisely how would he know their political affiliation if they haven’t shared it with anyone?

He must be blowing hot air - as usual.

First of all, how does he know what party affiliation the furloughed workers have? Secondly, what cares? They’re furloughed… open the government up!

Donald can’t blame Democrats when Republicans control the White House, the Senate, the House and when he himself stated that he’d take the blame for this shutdown.

So trump is using government to punish his political enemies…


What’s wrong with that? That’s just hardball politics circa 2018.

First he claimed that “many” furloughed workers were fine with not getting paid so long as it means funding for his magic wall…now “most” of them are Democrats?


Let’s see if you believe the same when the shoe is on the other foot, which it most assuredly will be, maybe not too far from now.

I am always 100% consistent.

But I thought the federal workers called him telling him to keep it shut? That didn’t play well enough so it’s on to the next lie.

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As the Trump World Turns.


He’s just lying again, like a lunatic.

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Some are democrats but all are Americans.


He only cares about the 36%(?) that make up his base.

You don’t need much more than that if you can get everyone else to not vote.

Trump’s ignorant supporters still have no problem having a President whose word you cannot trust at all, ever.

I’ve said it before, TRUMP is no surprise to many of us who’ve been familiar with him for decades. The real shocker is exactly how many dummies there are who fell for his BS.

In a 2016 Government Executive survey, 28 percent of federal employees identified themselves as Democrats, and 26 percent said they were Republicans. But an even greater percentage, 35 percent, identified as independents. And of those in the last category, 42 percent said they leaned Republican, while only 31 percent said they leaned Democratic.

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Maybe they’re the new enemy of the people.