Trump Nominates McConnell and Chao’s Brother-In-Law to Lead Pension Agency

“Hartogensis helps govern his family’s trust and is the CEO of Auric Technology, a closely held software company, according to his LinkedIn page. In making the announcement, the White House did not provide biographical information about him or answer questions about his relationship to Chao and McConnell, who are married. Hartogensis is married to one of Chao’s sisters, according to a person familiar with the matter.”

Bloomberg is getting biographical info on a Trump nominee from, wait for it, LinkedIn.

Anyway, he’d run the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. They pay worker pensions when employers terminate their retirement plans but it sounds like they’ll be gone by 2025 due to money issues.

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So what?

The article has “Trump” in the title.

It’s what CITM lives for.

It appears that this individual is only being nominated because of his relationship with the senate majority leader. The White House hasn’t provided, really, any information about this person.

Nothing to be concerned about… you can be sure he’s one of “the best” people for this job.

Ok, so what?

Draining the swamp…

. . . And refilling the swamp with cronies. How do swamps get started again?