Trump nominates guy to head VA. Then tells him to drop out. He then drops out

I know Donald Trump isn’t into the whole “homework” thing but he’d better start doing it. Or at least learn how to delegate to competent people who can find other competent people to run our countries big agencies. He just looks like an idiot every time something like this happens.

But he is golfing this weekend. That’s a plus.

trump looks like an idiot because he IS an idiot at least when it comes to nominees
his track record proves that.

but im sure his lackeys will be here soon to defend him

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Very amateurish.

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Only the best people.

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people who wanted a business person to run the country finally got an opportunity and instead of putting a good business person into power (like a Gates or Jobs or Buffet or Bezos) they pick a con man.

this will, for generations, sour people on business people to lead our country. especially when you see hardcore white republican voters in Alabama complaining about Trump’s deregulation.

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…as they pull the lever for him again in 2020 because, liberals.


that’s why the strategy of painting all liberals/democrats as evil/satan/unamerican is so critical/successful. then you can vote for a con man who pays off his affairs and still be a christian and sleep at night.

Clearly Donald thinks “vetting” has something to do with getting your dog vaccinated against rabies.

I know it’s a cliche to point out that associating with Trump seems to put your career and reputation at great risk, but . . . here’s yet another data point.

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you’d have to be an idiot. worse boss ever.

Jackson said in his withdrawal statement that the allegations were made by anonymous individuals, but the reports say some weren’t anonymous at all. But only the best. …

Where are all the Trump defenders?

And amateur hour continues at 1600 Penn.

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i honestly thought they would be way better than this by now. figured they’d get tired of looking stupid.

Jackson’s alleged response to Donny telling him he should drop out?

“I’ll drink to that.”


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hey dont be stealing my thread from the old site…lol

Stupid to whom? “Stupid” is in the eye of the beholder. As long as he’s perceived to be punching liberals (and other people they dislike), he can basically do anything he wants.


First they would have to realize they were looking stupid before they could get tired of looking that way.

They are just that clueless.

Donny is an anti vax kind of guy.

More likely when Donny hears someone say “vetting” he thinks they are referring to what Natasha and her friend were doing in his Moscow hotel bed.

Boy, you hit that nail square on the head.