TRUMP: Nancy Pelosi Supports OPEN BORDERS, ‘Doesn’t Mind Human Trafficking’

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President Trump slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during his annual Super Bowl interview Sunday; saying the leading Democrat “doesn’t mind human trafficking” and supports an “open borders” policy.

The Commander-in-Chief was speaking with CBS News before Sunday’s Super Bowl kick-off when he was asked to comment on his ongoing budget feud with congressional Democrats.

Pres. Trump: "Basically, [Speaker Pelosi] wants open borders. She doesn't mind human trafficking or she wouldn't do this upon because you know–"
.@margbrennan: "She offered over $1 billion for border security. She doesn't want the wall."

— CBS Evening News (@CBSEveningNews) February 2, 2019

“I think she was very rigid, but I think she’s very bad for our country. She knows that we need a barrier, she knows that we need border security, she wanted to win a political point,” said Trump.

“Basically, she wants open borders, she doesn’t mind human trafficking or she wouldn’t do this. She’s costing the country hundreds of billions of dollars because we have a porous border,” he added.

Its the TDS sickness of the left at the expense of the country.