TRUMP: Media Would Have ‘BEGGED’ for Korean Deal ‘500 Days Ago’ | Sean Hannity

President Trump called-out the mainstream media’s non-stop dismissal of his potential nuclear deal with North Korea Wednesday, saying the press would have “begged” for this deal 500 days ago.

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Sean Hannity mocked Obama for suggesting he would meet with the leader of NK.

Also, essentially the same letter was signed in 1993.

the MSM and demorats have been represented in living color by robert deniro—his two year old behavior says it all----DEMORATS AND MSM WOULD RATHER HAVE A WAR THEN FOR DONALD TO HAVE A PEACE TREATY BUT UNLIKE IRAN-----WE INSPECT WHAT WE EXPECT AND DON’T GIVE THEM 150 BILLION IN CASH. I have never seen such anti american anti israel behavior that we now see with these liberals. really sad

ever watch obama throw a baseball----that’s why