Trump losing support among seniors

good. between him wanting to cut social security/medicare and now his continual lies about covid-19 im glad to see seniors waking up to ho much of a disaster he is for their age group

and if they trend of seniors turning away from him continues stick a fork in him

The Kid Sniffer will not be President. :wink:

I now question whether he’ll make it to the 4th of July…much less the election in November?

Maybe he’ll end up in a nursing home? :rofl:


…but hopefully not in New York? :sunglasses:


That was seemingly Cuomo’s aim in sending Wuhan virus cases into rest homes, and is Dem governors’ intention in house arresting families, since 75 % of deaths are the elderly and 65% of deaths are those staying inside.

seniors said the government should prioritize halting the spread of the virus over focusing on the economy.

That’s because it doesn’t hurt them. They still get their SS check every month. They still get their goberment healthcare.

Wonder what would happen if their SS payment “had” to be cut in half due to the economy crashing to they can be like the younger one’s that have lost their wages.

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i really dont like how he wants to push my grandmother over a cliff in her wheelchair

Does that mean 140% of the people in New York who catch covid-19 will die? Or does it mean of the 21,000 deaths, 16,000 were elderly and of those 16000, 10,000 stayed inside?

Not trying to bust your chops, but would like to point out that the Government & the Media has been posting the numbers in the same manner and that makes it difficult to make an accurate assessment of exactly what is taking place during this “pandemic”.

Who are they going to vote for, the party of Liars and criminals?

No they will vote for the democrats…

Biden is up 15 points over Trump with Senior Citizens. Absolutely gobsmacking numbers…

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I call them victims of the fake news.

considering seniors tend to watch fox i can see why you call it fake news

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What’s interesting is voter turnout for seniors will likely be very low this election cycle with them trying to avoid Covid.

Those numbers are not hard to understand.

When did Fox news lower them selves to human scum like the others and push the Russian collusion hoax?

so explain it then.

“… since 75 % of deaths are the elderly and 65% of deaths are those staying inside.”

It may have been 65% of hospitalisations were from among those sheltering in place.

What I wrote originally would mean that 65% of all recorded CV deaths were those sheltering in place, and 35% of all recorded CV deaths were of people out and about. The percentage of elderly who had been sheltering in place who were recorded as CV deaths plus the percentage of elderly recorded as CV deaths who had been out and about totalled 75% of all recorded deaths.

There are 100 cases.
75% of those are elderly. 75

There are 100 cases.
65% of those stayed inside. 65

You don’t add them together, they are two different stats.

When I am explaining math to you, you need to reevaluate life choices. I hate numbers.