Trump looking to buy Greenland?

Screw the Danes… We should make them a protectorate and then immediately make them a state…

56,480 is a blip… One senator for every 28,240… Do you think the will be DNC or GOP?

Good. That makes it a private sale. Much less complicated than if the government were involved.

Would this “AFA” negate the need for a passport to visit Greenland? :thinking:

Okay, throw in another zero or two. It’s still a good deal. We could probably get back our investment in a couple of decades just by selling ice to the Arabs. :wink:

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It would be similar to visiting the Marshall Islands from the United States.

Passport required.

Entry visa NOT required.

Greenland would be in a state of Free Association with the United States, not part of the Untied States nor a possession of the United States.

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Booo. Oh well, maybe someday then. I’m still trying to see how many countries I can visit without ever having owned a passport.

Naw … It’s much easier to exploit a Territory. I should know, I was born and raised in one.

There must be a bunch of Trump supporters in Greenland

That reminds me of the movie “The Mouse that Roared.”

Snowflakes :slight_smile:


Call it a modern twist on an old story. :wink:

It makes sense now we know the plans of were to put the liberals.

Does Trump understand Greenland is actually a lot smaller than it appears on a map?

Why buy an island that some day could tip over?

Sure Samm. Why don’t we just extract the last of the most difficult resources to exploit as fast as possible. That’s totally reasonable. Finite resources are totally renewable.

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Are you under the impression that this is a serious conversation? :stuck_out_tongue:

Buy Greenland?
I hate Trump.


No problem. The ice is buoyant, it will keep it from capsizing.