Trump lawyer: NBC interview with Comey firing comments was edited

THAT is what I’ve really been waiting on. A hard push by his lawyers because they know he boxed himself in (due to being an idiot).

Trumps mouth has been getting him in trouble for 50 years so why should it be any different now.

That’s easily disprovable, right?



NBC should be prove that he is lying and slandering them (or whatever the appropriate term is). The sue Sekulow for all he is worth. He’ll just steal more money from kids charities, but we can make it hurt for a while.

Editing in what way? That he didn’t say it? What ■■■■■■■■. It’s just meat for the Trumpkins, but it means nothing.

■■■■ this is just lazy.

Lazy, but every single trump supporter will believe it.

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They already did before he said it

It would take less then 10 second to prove this a lie or not.

And you claim not to support Trump.


Is this thread about me?

Yep. Sekulow knows that Mueller has Trump dead to rights on this one because of this interview. That is why they are throwing Hail Mary passes, trying to downplay this reality. Claiming it’s not Constitutional to use this interview against Trump. (Not sure how that argument holds any water) Claiming the full transcript absolves Trump of wrongdoings. Trying to blame others for Trump’s own words, etc.

Couple this with the bombshells of Cohen voluntarily working with Mueller to take down Trump and Manafort agreeing to work with Mueller to assist in all other cases. Flynn no longer being needed and sent for sentencing. Papadopoulos being sentenced and not needed further. And you start to see the real panic of Trump and his team.

This is all going to get a lot worse before it gets better too. We are in for some bumpy times folks. I hope all of you Trump cultists are happy for what you decided to wrought upon our nation.


We’re living a Watergate.

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Again. It’s crazy. And it’s Stupid Watergate this go round. :flushed:

We’re in the 4th quarter now with fat donald’s team running the hurry up offense with a blind QB and the score 42-0 in Mueller’s favor.

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Great analogy!! :+1: