Trump Jokes to Putin They Should ‘Get Rid’ of Journalists

We get it, fat donald was just joking.
Look at Putin’s expression.

So no proof. Just some hurt feelings and misquotes.

Where have we seen this before?.

But, but, Obama!

To date there is only one president who let russia “meddle in our elections”.

The kenyan ladyboy.

Well Journalism in the USA is DEAD! It died a thousand cuts of the Bernstein & Woodard era and now Journalists come out of the B&W hack model of Journalism schools.

The USA “fake news” is equivalent to Russian Pravda for Democrats , no one is killing or jailing the idiots but we have a President publically calling them out!!

Stuff the faux outrage because the previous Administration targeted journalists and their families, so the itty bitty hurt feelings of Junk Journalists can just choke on it.

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Trump needs to go in 2020. Without question. #votehimout

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Until then, get rid of those fake news people.

They’re a stain on our country.

Your posts during the Obama years?


Yeah, the CEC certainly is.

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This is absolutely disgusting.

Trump needs to apologize for this now.

He won’t. And Trumpies will be applauding it. Great patriots they are.

This is perfect timing since Mueller will be highlighting Putin’s attack on America in 18 days…can’t wait!

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The biggest danger to this nation is the man in the White House. He needs to go in 2020. Or before.

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Take him seriously, not literally, so I hear.

What do you think ‘get rid of’ means when talking to someone who kills journalists?

Trump is too stupid to have conversations with serious people.

Maybe it’s a suppository he can insert so that when he kisses Putin’s ass it will smell all minty fresh.

Sounds awful violent.

What do you think it means? Why do you think that? What other possible explanations could there be?

That room looks weird. Fake. Staged.

Looks like a porno set.