Trump is with Kim Jong Un?^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1124670603179565056&

What? He’s with him? What does he mean by that? The guy is testing missiles and trump’s with him?

Can anyone explain the logic of this tweet?

Going to be interesting to see how Trump worshipers spin this one… their main talking point for the last year has been somethibg like “Trump is winning because there are no more missile tests!”

There is no more nuclear threat from NoKo.

Don’t try to look too deeply. Trump is a rube who has been humiliated by Kim and Putin. Art of the Deal, my ass.

He’s a mafia dude in bed with a dictator.

Well, a dude in bed…

Its gonna go something like:

“What now libs hate diplomacy? Trump, has brought people to the table. What do libs want war now? The hypocrisy of the left…TDS”


Sleep with a dog and you get fleas.



Great economic potential? Try to sell that to all the North Koreans who are starving so Little Fat Bastard can have a pretty palace.

Exactly! Donald said it and I believe our Dear Leader! All Donald is doing here is working his business and diplomatic mastery at a level we common folk could never understand. It confounds liberals and drives them insane when he succeeds in ways they never could have anticipated. Look for North Korea to become a steadfast ally to the United States in the next year or two and transform into a capitalist and Christian utopia, their people free and happy. And all because of Donald! :us:

Coming next: Korea unification, Kim Jong Un as 2020 Rep. US vice president.

AT leazt He’s TRY something Diffrent

He’s like that horse head they put in the guys bed. Except he’s a horses ass.

Trump is never wrong and never apologizes for anything. This is just another example of that.


dude still has not apologized for the central park 5, why would he start now?


Well, he did say that he and Kim fell in love.