Trump is the least popular President in modern history?

I know some of you are saying, “Yeah right, Trump-Hater”. But let me present some facts:

Per Ryan Struyk of CNN on Twitter

Average presidential approval ratings through this point in term via ABC/Post and Gallup polling:

Kennedy 73%
W Bush 71%
HW Bush 70%
Johnson 69%
Eisenhower 67%
Nixon 58%
Truman 56%
Obama 55%
Reagan 55%
Carter 52%
Clinton 51%
Ford 47%
Trump 38%
5:14 AM - 27 Apr 2019

Here’s FiveThirtyEight:

Trump - 42%
Obama - 50%
W - 66%
Clinton - 57%
HW - 75%
Reagan - 43%
Carter - 40%
Ford - 44%
Nixon - 53%
Johnson - 56%
Truman - 59%
Eisenhower - 70%
Kennedy 65%

Now lets switch to DISAPPROVAL by FiveThirtyEight:

Trump - 53%
Obama - 44%
W - 26%
Clinton - 34%
H.W - 14%
Reagan and Carter - 46%
Ford - 41%
Nixon - 35%
Johnson - 34%
Kennedy - 21%
Eisenhower - 15%
Truman - 29%

Here’s my point or something to ponder: How can Trump possibly be favored to win re-election here?

Yes, the economy is good. Yes, his supporters love him and willing to defend him, even with 80%+ negative coverage. But at the same time, we’re talking about a President who is statistically the most unpopular President in U.S history. He’s the ONLY modern day President with above 50% disapproval rating and has either the worst or second-to-worst approval rating.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that a rock (you know a non-human mineral found on the ground) would beat him in the general election. But it’s pretty far-fetched to call him the favorite. Biden is beating him in every general election poll out there. The recent Texas general election match-up has Biden edging him out.

Could things turn around for him? Absolutely. Reagan rebounded. H.W went the direct opposite, going from one of the most popular to losing re-election.

Personally, I would put Trump at about 50% chance. People in this country have to decide whether a good economy President should be ousted over ethically questionable personal conduct.

Trump continues to play to his base. And statistics say that he has lost a few points with his base.
He has also lost some support in key regions that gave him the EC win. As far as I can see he is doing nothing to increase his base. I think that he truly believes that a good economy and his trade deals will be enough to get him re-elected.
One thing that might work for him is if he and Barr go after his political rivals. It has been hinted that Biden might be on the block. What are the odds that he will overstep his authority? And what are the odds that he will pull some stunt that will have such a impact that some Republicans on the hill will have no choice and pull their support for him?
The election is still a pretty long time away. What will be landscape be next summer?

Based on this lib poll, Trump should not even enter the 2020 race. He doesn’t have a chance.

Anyone care to bet? :sunglasses:


Oh polls. You mean like the ones that were wrong one time? Polls aren’t even real. Deep state propaganda.

Meanwhile omg trump is at 50% on ras! That’s so awesome!


If these numbers hold, he wouldn’t be favored. Historically speaking, incumbent presidents need approval ratings of 48% or higher to stand a chance of reelection. I’m sure we’ll get the chorus of “look at how wrong the polls were” for Trump’s initial election. The popular polls were correct though, which is what we’re looking at in this case.

Which polls are you referring to?

PC culture has made it impossible for people to answer honestly. The truth is that Donald is the most popular POTUS in history, but people are subject to ridicule, oppression, and even violence if they admit that they love him.

Still trying to pound a square Trump into a round hole. Amazing.

Anything to avoid reality, I guess.

Yup. Let’s completely abandon historical trends. Trump could have a 5% approval rating and would still be favored and easily re-elected. Is that how it works? Abandon history in the name of Trump?

Not even close to being the truth.

Polls are just that. What needs to be realized is that being unpopular doesnt mean one wouldn’t vote for them. As has been continously pointed out here on this forum. You dont have to like a person to support them as a politician.

You’ve seen the whole, I think Trump is a terrible person but I support …

In other words. I would put much stock in popularity or approval polls to get a sense of how an election will go.


Comparing Trump to any other pattern is useless.

The “fake news” responses are comedy, all with their own twist, some want to pretend polls are fake, others that Trump is the second coming of Jesus and polls don’t see his real greatness. They are too much, :joy::rofl:

Why? Can Trump bend the laws of math and statistics?

Wrap it up. Let’s all go home.

Because even though national polls nailed it, county polls in the rust belt were lacking and 80k EC voters means “Trump is the lord and savior”; therefore polls can’t capture his greatness. Or… “patterns” I guess :joy::joy:

Doesn’t need to. They don’t apply to him. There are no laws in politics.

That is true. Also explains why Democrats have grown tired of being lectured on ■■■■■■■■ like morality and values, etc, by the other side.