Trump is losing the somewhat supporters

That really doesnt matter with public perception…see Bush sr …

What won’t hold??? :confused:

I’ve read Wolf’s book. It reads like a made for TV novel.

The fundamentals of the economy are still strong. The bull market has run its course and we are now entering into what looks to be a bear market. How long will it last? Anybody’s guess at this point.

At this point, I believe anyone who would dare challenge Trump would be committing political suicide. Trump was able to dispatch some heavy weights easily in 2016, with no political experience. Trump will still be Trump in 2020, but much more seasoned and experienced. I believe he would be able to destroy anyone who would dare risk such a foolhardy venture.

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On the flip side, we know how he plays this game now. Next time for him will be more difficult. Case in point : getting his ass handed to him by Chuck and Nancy.

Don’t you mean he’s somewhat losing his mind?

The fundamentals are always strong…just before they got to crap. :wink:


Being a victim nad running rue government like he ram his business; corruptly, in debt, hoping for a bailout by somoneone(father, mafia, bank) and without ever having to face repercussions for his actions

Fear, manipulation, and confidence that there are still stubborn, gullible fools willing to be swindled by his BS.

Someone is hitting the sauce

Didn’t these people lie and accuse Trump of colluding with the Russians?

Yep, it evolved into the Southern Strategy and subsequently the “Reagan Republican” and “trump Republican”.

Trump was able to get the votes of folks who were conned into thinking that as a businessman he could run the country. More folks are now figuring out how full of ■■■■ he is.

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What the title in the article referenced in the OP says: Poll shows Trump appears to be losing core voters with nonstop tweets, rhetoric, antics

What the article says: Dozens of recent interviews across the area show that most reluctant Trump supporters aren’t ready to turn their backs on him or his party.

Actually it says aot of them voted for dems in the midterms because they felt the dems held closer to their values.

Alot of core supporters arent during trump but you are seeing those fence sitters starting to walk away…

Thanks for trying

How do you think my landings are so soft?


Not from where I sit.

Trump haters keep regurgitating this crap. They will once again find out just how out of touch they are come 2020.

Just wishful thinking. Trump will run and win more easily than last time. :grinning::+1: