Trump is hijacking 4th of July- changing it from a national celebration to a campaign event

No side saddle.

Just admit… you are dazzled by the rainbow hands.

Many, many people have suggested that, and his Interior Secretary is looking into it right after Fourth of July.

I’m not going to lie, I’m impressed you shot back so quick with an equally awesome Obama iPhone case.

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If his presidency is as remarkable as he thinks it will be, you’ll vote for it.

Too late!

Let it stew about 6 years.

I didn’t recognize him without his bike helmet.


Yeah… I also remember when we had a President that would do some exercise.


There’s a lot of things that Obama couldn’t pull off.

For instance, check out this Magic the Gathering card:



Trump is politicizing our national holiday. The degradation of our country continues…


Trump is America and America is Trump. To celebrate one is to celebrate the other. Don’t you love America?

I’m hoping this is like his wanting a huge tanks military parade last year.


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Can you put that on a phone case?

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I realize we are talking about Donald Trump here and the article is probably right, but they don’t actually offer any evidence that he plans to make it a Trump rally. I’ll say this; If he makes a speech it damn well better be just non partisan patriotism and stuff.

Is he capable of that?

Other than it being a natural chick repellent, Magic wasn’t a bad game. I literally played it three times, my cousin played a lot, but I could see the appeal.

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He wants to MAGA. It’s about as patriotic as it gets.

Dude couldn’t do that at a boy scout jumbore…what makes you think he behave this time?

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