Trump, interest rates, and certainty

A few points.

Trump is back complaining that the fed should lower interested rates. Of course, in 2016 he complained that the Obama economy was propped up by low interest rates:

“They’re keeping the rates artificially low so the economy doesn’t go down,” Trump said in response to a question about a potential rate hike by the Federal Reserve this month. “So that Obama can say he did a good job. That’s the only reason that the rates are so low. They’re keeping the rates artificially low so that Obama can go out and play golf after January and say that he did a good job. But it is a very, a very false economy. So [Obama] can leave office and say: See I told you.”

“We have a very false economy," he repeated.

“So far, I think she’s done a political job,” he said about Fed chair Janet Yellen.

And remember when one of the rallying cries among right-wing pundits and politicians was “uncertainty?” I’m not even going to bother citing sources because it was so common among right-wing media, politicians, and people on these forums…that the economy couldn’t REALLY recover because of the “uncertainty” in Obama’s policies.

Well, where’s the “certainty” in Trump’s trade war right now? How on earth can businesses and manufacturers invest in their own products and employees when they may be the next targets of the trade war? When are Trump supporters going to finally hold Trump to the same standard they held Obama on these things?

Inquiring minds want to know! :wink::wink:


When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east

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When you guys quit running candidates who are for tax payer funded medical care to illegals, decriminalizing illegal border crossings, reparations, and not giving a care about border security.

If he was an unknown 2007 era Senator Obama would be considered a right wing fascist in the democratic primary debates.

Not a single word of this post has anything to do with the topic of my thread. I’m simply not interested in scattershot talking points trying to deflect and derail.

For that matter, I practice what I preach and haven’t voted for a major party candidate for president since 2004-and that vote was for Bush.

Now back to the topic of the thread, which is Trump’s hypocrisy on interest rates, and the faux concern about “uncertainty” during Obama’s tenure that doesn’t seem to apply now despite a massively uncertain trade war.

Nice talking points deflection there. Good job.

The company I work for is one of the largest importer of containers into the US, and we have been high-tailing out of China and moving all of our non-US manufacturing capacity to Vietnam. Our supply chain is so up in the air right now during this transition, it’s extremely difficult to forecast and plan production accurately on 120k yearly import containers with over 8k SKUs. I can’t imagine what other companies are going through. I can tell you for a fact that our CEO, who happens to donate the max to the GOP every year, is not happy with the uncertainty that the Trump administration is causing.

You asked, and I responded when the left quits running far leftists that are even attacking Obama’s policy. The left will have to accept one day they changed as much as the right has under Trump if not more.

The reports are now starting about how all of this is also having a impact on small business.
Today again Trump said that China wants to do a deal but he isn’t ready. Translation: China will not do my deal. China has the resources to wait until they get the deal they want. And now we are seeing the first indications that Trump is considering avenues to back down. And for all of the Trump supporters who still believe that he is being oh so clever in all of this, guess what guys. You got the con job again.

Not all 32 people are far leftists. This is a cartoon.

So you’re just doing *** for tat politics? Is that how we govern now? Good lord, we’re ■■■■■■■

Remember back when the Obama opposition used to say “we need the adults back in charge.” LOL!

(btw, why does the 3 letter word for a “breast” trigger an approval message?)

Anyway, back to the topic, which is whether Trump supporters are going to hold him to account for his hypocrisy on the economy.

Fed is still at historic lows, Trump is an idiot.

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It is easy to be critical when you are not in a position of power.
But in a lot of those cases at least the person who complains knows the basics.
Trump is so ignorant about foreign policy and the economy he just keeps looking more stupid as time progresses.


It is relevant though to the moderates, especially if a candidate like Warren or Sanders wins the democratic primaries. Both are very far to the left.

But it is history that in the primaries you go to the extreme right or left. Then if you become the candidate you get back to the middle for the general. In the primaries it is all about your base. In the general it is all about the independents.

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The thing is… that they are not really as left as the CEC makes them out to be.

Especially Warren.

She is putting out policy papers that clearly defines her plan and it isn’t really that radical.

It’s like something seen in the 1930’s.

It’s almost retrograde.

So we’re supposed to find out today if/what the interest rate cut will be from the Fed.

Trump supporters didn’t seem terribly interested in answering for their standard during the Obama years of:




Even Trump used to complain about those things.

So anyone want to take a shot here?

We’re facing massive amounts of uncertainty regarding the economy right now.

We’re potentially going to lower interest rates during what our sitting president and his supporters have continually described as a record economy/best economy of all time/etc.

I’ll say the same thing now I did then, if the fed is cutting rates and/or doing QE, you can’t credibly claim to be doing a good job on the economy.


Thanks for the answer!

Do you feel the uncertainty of Trump’s economic policy is preventing businesses from having the confidence they need to invest and keep hiring?

The tax cuts were sold as this huge economic boost, and companies were supposed to be both hiring more and paying more. Wages are still creeping along, and at what is basically full employment, wages should be rising more quickly.

I mentioned earlier in the year that there are factories in my area-including a major steel fabrication factory-are having trouble hiring and keeping people because wages there just aren’t keeping up. It’s a pretty common theme in my area in the south.

People having trouble hiring and keeping people, is part of the process of wages going up. Eventually they wise up and pay more.

The democratics candidates’ talking points.