Trump Indicted on Documents Case!

Woot. That was sudden!

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He should run on pardoning himself and exposing the corrupt “justice” department


I’m hoping he’s in prison before that.


You mean he would run on admiring he did the crime ? Before the trial starts? Because you know admission to said crime is required for pardon


Hmmm…add it to the last indictment. Gonna be trial city next year. Greatest Witch Hunt of all time!!

Former President Donald Trump said Thursday that he has been indicted on charges connected to his handling of classified national security records, writing on social media that he has been summoned to federal court on Tuesday in Miami.

The precise charges that federal prosecutors have obtained against Trump were not immediately clear, but Trump said his attorneys were informed by the Justice Department on Thursday that a grand jury indictment had been obtained.

He should be glad he is only being “summoned.”

Common folk get arrested.



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Ahh. Yes, you ridiculous chowderhead.

1850 boxes at the University of Delaware?

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Trump has been indicted on at least seven charges, including illegal retention of classified documents, obstruction, and conspiracy,” according to ABC News.

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2024 is gonna rival 2020 (through Jan6th 2021) as the craziest political year evah. Trump will start the year likely beating the other GOP contenders to win the primary, then will be dealing with very possibly three different trials. If he is convicted in this one or the Georgia case he would go to jail…where he would be running a General election campaign.

Weird stuff ahead…

It’s not going to matter or pan out like Biden wants.


Alright! Do Biden next!


Not a coincidence – it’s the same day credible evidence of Biden corruption was seen by members of congress.

God bless Donald J Trump and God bless America


Hey the case is being tried in Florida- you might be right.

I doubt God cares one jot about any politicians.

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And others keep classified documents in their offices, garages and houses for decades without penalty.


Do your touchdown dance!

Let us know how it all turns out.

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One indictment is too many and ten indictments won’t be enough.

Trump 2024

Brandon slayer