Trump inciting violence


She could help her own cause if she ditched some of the anger. Show a little gratitude to the country that was gracious and compassionate enough to rescue her from an African refugee camp. If she acted as if she loved America rather than hating it, she could get a lot of mileage.


And the 19 killed fighting to get her family food by removing the ■■■■ heads stealing it to sell.

One of the wounded was a friend.


She should be thanking Trump for making America great again.


She should let sleeping dogs lie.


Or maybe she should just continue to do what she’s doing. Since it’s working so well for her. The lady has an angry soul.


I mean, we do have a president that wants to ban all Muslims from coming to the country and doesn’t seem bothered by white nationalism. But put on a smile!


I hope she has good security because I can’t think of a congressperson who has been demonized as much as her in such a short time.


I actually want her to continue…and watch libs defend her action.

Win win IMO.


Trump derangement syndrome is getting the best of many liberals


Here’s a good defense: It was a joke.


Anything happens to her, it will be blood on fat donald’s hands.


The left is just not handling the no collusion conclusion very well…


I get that this type of rhetoric fuels incidents like that, but it doesn’t meet the legal definition of inciting violence. You have to be advocating violence/lawless act and doing so has to likely lead to an imminent violent/lawless act.


Is white nationalism the new liberal name for conservatism? You do understand that when liberals run on a racism platform, they usually get their asses kicked? What exactly is white nationalism? And can you give me the names and crimes a few of them.


God forbid! :anguished:


Mueller report coming out next week.
9 separate investigations
fat donald’s taxes
Fat donald’s 20 years financial records
And on, and on.


I’m sure you wouldn’t want anything happening to her right?


Not anymore than you would want something to happen to the President… correct?


You didn’t answer my question.


Actually, don’t answer it. It’s all good.