Trump inciting violence


Again…I agree.


Maybe because she is so ignorant.


Wouldn’t 500 times have been enough?


Yeah bro, I don’t even identify as independent, centrist, moderate, whatever the ■■■■ :joy:

Fundamentally I’m none of those things


I say meh to the OP.

By characterizing 9/11 as an event where “some people did something” (and even given the context of the entire speech where she said this, this is exactly what she said), Omar practically invited such attacks.

Politically speaking, that is.

And there was no inciting of violence anywhere in Trump’s tweet.


She’s much more than that. Your own propaganda wing loves her.


Now the New York congresswoman is the face of the liberal left in the Democratic Party nationally.


“No one has risen faster. Ever”

Your criticism is misplaced, sir.


You’ve lost me already. How exactly is that an incitement to violence?


Because Trump did it.


AOC’s meteoric rise in popularity beyond the rest of the Democrat dinosaur stable is a clear indictment against Pelosi, Schumer, Naddler, Schiff, etc. who have failed for so long to live up to their past promises. That a child neophyte can overtake them within two years shows just how useless the establishment Democrats actually are.


Modest news coverage of a far-left wacko who has made a foolish spectacle of herself at every possible opportunity?

How many times has her name come up on CNN and MSNBC in the same time frame? How many times has she been a guest on a CNN and MSNBC news commentary show?


Funny how Nancy Pelosi said she’s taken steps to ensure the safety…funny that. She blames Trump for what Ilhan Omar said.

Nothing is ever libs fault…nothing.

Maybe someone here can point me into direct where they admitted one?


I’m unaffiliated and have been my whole life but I tend to vote R. A poster here linked a political questionaire that would determine your political leniency and I was on the horizontal line, just a tad, tad left of center. Again, according to that link. My goal is to help as many as I can if…they’re willing to jump in? Those that don’t give a rat’s rear, I tend not to give a rat’s rear…even though I still do…a little bit.


I think we just vote for whoever we think represents us better, it’s that simple. But fundamentally, none of us are repubs/dems/cons/libs/socialists/whatev. Those are just ideologies used to divide us.


Damn dude…stop it. I’m about to call you bro…:sunglasses:



Yeah…that was pretty funny.


A response to every time she feels obligated to say something stupid.

Sorry dude, she’s in way over her head.

She knows is and the rest of the country knows it as well.


I’m not a fan; just an observer.


AOC is the liberal/socialist equivalent of the annoying little kid at the public pool, standing on the diving board screaming “Mommie! Daddy! Look at me!”