Trump inciting violence


Is her “rhetoric” in any way responsible for the man’s despicable intent or is it just Trump’s?


My guess is a number don’t care. The guy threatening her certainly doesn’t.

Again, women, stand up.


You see they can’t address that or else their outrage about Omar would prove to be insincere.


Didn’t you hear how she described the 9/11 terrorists and what they did? It was like saying WWII was caused by some people doing something.


Nonsense. People care about what she is saying … a lot.


You act like she said some good people did something that was bad in hindsight.


i’ve pretty much stopped identifying with any side of any aisle. Ideology is stupid and unhelpful.


You seem to think that just because woman have to same body parts that we all think alike and should defend each other no matter what. Just like Hillary thought we all should vote for her because she had the same lady parts as we do. What an idiot she was.
This seems to be a problem for the left they believe all people who have darker skin tones should walk lock step together and defend each other.
And now it’s woman we don’t have minds of our own we should walk lock step to the tune of the DNC because you know they are the ones that are looking out for us. Just put us in little groups and tell us what we need and want.
I hate to tell you but we all have minds of our own. And we support what ever and who ever we believe.
This woman is a little bit crazy and likes to try and paint herself as a victim. When every push back she has gotten is because of her own mouth. No I don’t support what she said. She needs to apologize.


I thought you guys didn’t like whataboutism?


Aoc has as well


Must have been a lone wolf


AOC is at the top of the list. They’re truly scared of this young lady.


The New York representative was mentioned at least 3,181 times on the network between February 25 and April 7.


Hilary is done and Pelosi is nearly 80. They have to create a new boogeyman to scare and outrage the masses. It’s the way the CEC operates.


Notice they pick mostly women as their boogeymen?


Strongest members of the lib sect.


Of course they do. “It ain’t a woman’s place…”


But AOC gets some good press, too. Omar seems to be demonized by all sides and it’s much worse than being called “stupid” like AOC is.


I’m not acting like anything. I said her remarks are those of an apologist for Islamic terrorists, and they are.


Why do you interpret any criticism of left-wing wackos as fear?


Mention 3181 times for a 29 year old first term Congressperson is what, exactly?